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   Announcement of AGM to be held on 27th March 2017

   Q4 2016 Financial results

   Corporate governance report 2015

   SICO BOD Report -3rd Qtr'10

   SICO 3rd Qtr Results
Senior Management
 Mr. Ayman Khamis General Manager
 Mr. Khaled Khalaf Business Development Manager
 Mr. Abdulla Hosani Administration Manager
 Mr. Abdel Salam Legal Advisor
 Mr. Syam Amprayil Accounts Manager
 Mr. Othman Abu Shwareb Motor Claims Manager
 Mr. Salah Mahjoub Motor Manager
 Mr. Thomas Koshy IT Manager
 Mr. Mohd. Baytam Dubai Br. Manager
 Mr. Houssam Hajar   RI Manager
 Mr. Shafat Ali FGA Manager