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Marine Cargo/ Land Transit Insurance
Features: Offers compensation against loss or damage to Cargo incidental to voyages and inland transits. It covers export, import by Sea, Air and Inland transit of various commodities during their transit from one place to another. War and Strikes Insurance covers available at additional premium.  

Land transit Insurance covers the subject as per the land transit clause which covers accident to the vehicle and/ or overturning of the vehicle excluding loading and unloading. However, loading & unloading can be covered on payment of additional premium. The proposer is required to give details of carrying vehicles such as registration number, make etc. For annual policies the proposer is required to declare maximum value per trip and annual turnover.

Benefits: The policy provides indemnity against loss or damage to cargo incidental to voyages and inland transits.

Premium is calculated as a percentage of the total Sum Insured. The rate varies according to the nature of the cargo, method of packing, mode of transport, type of cover, age of carrying vessel, launch and the gross tonnage (GRT) etc.