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Comprehensive Motor Policy

Motor Vehicle Insurance against Loss, Damage & Third Party Liability

Section One:

Loss or Damage
Covers the Loss or Damage of the Insured Vehicle, its accessories and spare parts whilst thereon:  

  1.  By accidental collision or overturning.
  2.  By Fire, External Explosion, Self-Ignition, Lightning or Thunderbolt.
  3.  By Burglary or Theft.
  4.  By Malicious act of any third party.
  5.  Whilst in transit by various transportation (including the process of Loading and Unloading incidental to such transit.)
Section Two:
Third Party Liability
Covers the Insured’s and / or Driver’s Legal Liability for compensation towards Third Parties arising from the use of the insured vehicles in respect of:
  1. Death of or bodily injuries to any person including the passengers in the vehicles except the insured or the driver at the time of   the  accident and their families and the employees of the insured. 
  2. Damages for materials and property except those owned by the insured or the driver at the time of the accident.