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Computer Material Damage Insurance
Concept: To compensate for any physical loss or damage to the insured's sophisticated and valued computer equipment caused by an insured peril as negligence, willful acts of third parties, fire, lightning, inundation, burglary, Acts of God, short circuits…. Etc.  

Coverage: Physical loss or damage to the insured's equipment and its peripherals due to an accident whilst the equipment is working or at rest, being dismantled, moved or re-erected for the purpose of cleaning, inspections, repair or installation, in another position within the insured premises.  

Extensions: The cover can be extended to include: • Increase in the cost of working; • Reinstatement of Data following physical loss or damage due to an insured peril.  
Premium Rating: Rating is on per thousand basis on total sum insured.  

Special Exclusions:
Loss or damage due to faults known to the Insured.  
Wear and tear  
Consequential loss of any kind.